Meet the FACE team

A group of dedicated volunteers support the fundraising activities for FACE and help to progress the initiatives which make a real difference for patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

FACE is a cancer fund, part of NHS Lothian Charity. Fund Stewards are responsible for making sure that FACE observe charity laws at all times and all funds are used in line with its stated purpose. They are delegated this responsibility by the Trustees of NHS Lothian Charity. Stewards are permitted to authorising the use of funds up to £5000, with anything above that approved by NHS Lothian Charity. Stewards must be either employees of the NHS or hold honorary contracts with the NHS. All Stewards are appointed for a fixed term of 5 years and may be reappointed after this period.

350x350 Fiona Taylor MBE Fiona Taylor MBE – Fund Steward

Fiona is a Charge Nurse working in the Edinburgh Cancer Centre and in recognition of her services to cancer nursing she was awarded the MBE.

Morag Moore – Fund Steward

Morag is one of the Clinical Nurse Managers responsible for Cancer Services across Edinburgh & Lothians.

350x350 John Macaulay John Macaulay MBE 

John is a FACE volunteer. He organises all aspects of the Lapland Trip and liaises with schools who choose FACE for their Young Philanthropy Initiative (YPI). John’s dedicated service to the community, through work in the police and with voluntary organisations, was recognised when he was awarded the MBE.

The group of dedicated volunteers and Fund Stewards meet on a regular basis to discuss what is on the go and how FACE can make a difference. They represent FACE, organise and support fundraising activities for FACE. They have close links with the NHS Lothian Charity fundraising team.