FACE Garden

In early October 2018 the large maple tree at the centre of the FACE Garden was cut down, after it was found to be diseased.

We have since worked on tidying up the garden and removing what was left of the tree stump, with a view to creating a new centrepiece for the garden and restoring some of the seating which was lost.

We are now finalising plans for this new centrepiece, working closely with well-known sculptor Kevin Paxton. You may have seen the sculpture of Olympian Scott Brash in Peebles, which Kevin created and built for the town. We are so grateful for his interest and support – and at this time the theme of the sculpture will be around thistles, with seating around it.

Many thanks to all involved in work on the garden and to Jim Pryde for leading the way on this for FACE.

We receive such positive feedback about the garden and everyone is keen to see it continue to evolve, flourish. It was built in 1999 and we have always been aware that necessary development of the Edinburgh Cancer Centre may mean that it may be built on or need to be moved. Time will tell but we are amazed, so pleased, that it is still there now.

Watch out for updates, here and on our Facebook page.