The Wedding Box

On occasion, the Western General Hospital are asked to help arrange the weddings of patients who are near the end of their life. While hugely emotional occasions, these weddings help bring joy, love and happiness to both patients and their loved ones, as well as to the staff who are caring for them.

A wedding box has been created to hold decorations to help create a celebratory atmosphere, including banners, table decorations and tealights as well as small mementoes for loved ones to keep and remember the special day. Although most of the end of life weddings are held within the Cancer Centre, the wedding box is available to other wards in the hospital.

It was funding through the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation that made it possible to create a wedding box and future funding to keep the wedding box stocked up will come from FACE. Thanks to everyone’s kindness and support, we are able to provide some joy and light in the darkest of times.

This link will take you to the full article on Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation site.

Supporting Wedding Boxes for Patients Receiving End of Life Care – Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation (