Ward 11 Refurbishment

Ward 11 in the Edinburgh Cancer Centre (Western General Hospital) has mainly shared rooms and a small number of side rooms.

The side rooms are often occupied by patients close to the end of their life, giving them and their family some privacy.

Ward 11 is in the old part of the hospital and was not in the current plans for refurbishment.

FACE provided funds to make a number of changes to rooms on the ward, to improve the environment & experience for patients and their visitors. Blank walls have been covered with murals showing calming, natural scenes of sunsets, hills and water. A serene blue graphic has been put on plain white blinds to compliment the images on the back walls.

Magnolia walls were painted Egyptian cotton, to match the graphics. New bed chairs, for relatives to stay overnight, have replaced uncomfortable hard back chairs. NHS Lothian staff worked closely with Grosvenor Interiors, who have won awards for their work in health care settings, to plan out the work and minimise the impact on patient care while it was undertaken.

‘It looks really lovely and there has been very positive feedback from patients’. FACE were delighted to hear the work was complete and is making a real difference.

Thanks to Grosvenor Interiors for their permission to use some of their words & images.

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