We have provided 12 folding wheelchairs

FACE were asked if they could provide funds to help with the purchase of foldable wheelchairs for the oncology unit at the Western General Hospital.

We were delighted to make this happen and 12 new wheelchairs have been delivered to the unit. All of the wheelchairs come with handles, some of these patients can use on their own and others need to be pushed by a carer. One of them is a special reclining wheelchair, if there is a need to adjust the seating position for more comfort.

These wheelchairs will provide a great help for families & friends who want to take a patient out the hospital for a short walk, a trip somewhere (for instance a café) or perhaps an overnight stay away from hospital (for instance at Christmas).

The wheelchairs fit into the boot of a car and are much lighter, more flexible than the large metal wheelchairs which are used in the hospital. There is a label attached to each wheelchair indicating it was provided by FACE and which ward it was borrowed from, for return after use.

‘I would like to thank Face for the recent purchase of wheelchairs for the Oncology Wards. The patients have found them extremely useful and have been using them to go outside and to the cafe with their family and friends. It has also allowed the staff to use them when patients are going to different appointments in other hospitals, and they are much appreciated.’